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    Hebei in One Minute
    In one minute, 35 people visit the Xibaipo Monument to honor China’s historical revolution.

    In one minute, 13 people enjoy snow sports in Chongli

    In one minute, 8 visitors gaze at Chengde’s summer resort panoramic view.

    In one minute, 81 music fans attend the Music Festival at Zhangbei grassland

    In one minute, 202 travelers venture throughout the picturesque countryside in search of poetry and the way ahead

    In one minute, the fragrance from 114 kilograms of Qianxi chestnuts fills streets and alleyways.

    In one minute, 3.8 tons of fresh Bashang vegetables arrive at Beijing markets.

    In one minute, people receive nourishment from 7.09 tons of fresh dairy products

    In one minute, 9.5 tons of fresh pears moisten human taste buds.

    In one minute, an actor performs 8 consecutive backflips at the Wuqiao International Acrobatic Festival.

    In one minute, 158 Gaocheng Palace lanterns are shipped to homes throughout China and the world bringing good wishes.

    In one minute, 27 Qinghe cashmere sweaters keep people warm.

    In one minute, Fuxing, China’s first high-speed train from CRRC Tangshan Company travels 5,833 meters.

    In one minute, Beijing and Tianjin invest in more than 470,000 yuan ($67,700) in Hebei Province

    In one minute, 102 aluminum alloy wheels roll off production lines at one of CITIC Dicastal’s workshops.

    In one minute, 23.58 cubic meters of industrial waste water are purified at a water treatment center inside HBIS Group Tangsteel Company.

    In one minute, the installed capacity of photovoltaic generation added 7.8 kilowatts, allowing new energy to light up new life.

    In one minute, 2,149 tons of cargo are docked at ports.

    In one minute, Saihanba forests generate 1.04 tons of oxygen.

    In one minute, wetland protection areas expand 117 square meters.

    In one minute, embrace clean water and green mountains.

    In one minute, yearn for nostalgia from the good old days.

    In one minute, blend traditional elements with modernization.

    In one minute, drive along thoroughfares.

    In one minute, promote coordination development.

    In one minute, anticipate the future city.

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